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Nevada's AB 421 Protects Homeowners Once Again

Nevada's AB421, which was signed by the Governor and is set to take effect later in 2019, received unanimous approval in the Senate. The bill makes numerous reforms to Nevada's construction defect laws including extending the statute of limitations from six to 10 years. The new law also protects homeowners and homeowners associations throughout Nevada by, among other things, revising provisions relating to the information required to be included in a notice of a construction defect, revises provisions relating to the recovery of damages caused by a construction defect, and revises the prohibition against HOAs pursuing an action for a construction defect unless the action pertains exclusively to the common areas of the association. This law protects Nevadans, particularly in areas such as Las Vegas, Summerlin, Henderson, Reno, and Mesquite where new home construction is underway.

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