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We represent homeowner associations of all sizes, owners of individual custom built homes, condominium owners, and commercial associations with respect to construction defect matters.  Our experienced team of attorneys has litigated a wide variety of construction defect issues pertaining to improper roof construction, leaking windows, plumbing and electrical problems, mold and fungal growth, stucco cracks, exterior siding and waterproofing failures, water intrusion, wall and foundation cracks, soils issues, faulty balcony construction, as well as drainage and irrigation problems. 


We have over 35 year of experience practicing construction defect litigation and have handled hundreds of defect cases, many of which involved a variety of complex construction / building issues and a large number of defendants.  Our knowledgeable attorneys handle cases in California and Arizona from pre-litigation negotiations all the way through trial to get the best results. 


We offer a free inspection, please call our office toll free at (888) 350-9080.




Negligence is the failure to use reasonable care to prevent harm to oneself or to others.  Harm can be the result of acting in a careless or accidental manner as well as failing to act or take precaution.  Essentially, negligence is failing to act as a reasonably prudent person would in a similar situation. Where a person's actions violate the standard of care and causes another damage, California law requires that person to compensate anyone who is injured as a result.




Our law firm has successfully represented individual homeowners and homeowner associations in legal disputes involving allegations of fraud and misrepresentation related to new construction and remodeled single and multi-family homes.  Specifically, we have represented clients in misrepresentation disputes involving the nature and scope of construction, repairs, and renovations as well as claims related to false advertising and the misrepresentation of new condominium unit square footage.




Our attorneys represent homeowners and homeowner associations who have suffered a loss as a result of defective products, manufacturing defects, or faulty product design.  We handle cases related to defective building materials including toxic Chinese drywall, exterior siding, roofing materials, plumbing and electrical components (i.e. “Yellow Brass”), and other defective products which threaten your home or association.   



Our contract dispute attorneys represent clients in California and Arizona, who have not received what they bargained for.  Whether related to a home purchase, major renovation, or minor repair, we can assist you in recovering what you agreed upon.




One of the best ways to avoid costly, time-consuming litigation is to submit your legal claims to a mediator or arbitrator prior to filing a lawsuit.  Mediation is when the disputing parties submit their arguments to a mutually agreed upon third-party neutral such as a retired judge in an attempt to negotiate a non-binding resolution.  If a resolution is impossible, the parties are free to file a lawsuit.  Arbitration involves a mutually agreed upon third-party neutral, but in the case of arbitration, the third-party neutral has the power to issue a binding decision that cannot be appealed. While our attorneys are experienced trial lawyers, we have mediated or arbitrated hundreds of disputes.  In many cases, mediation or arbitration can be more satisfying and less costly then litigation.

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